Birth Chart Astrology Is Jupiter The Lucky Planet

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01:06:03 am on December 27, 2013

Birth Chart Astrology: Is Jupiter the Lucky Planet?

Jupiter is the fourth and last of the Tool Planets. In describing its essence you will be able to understand why in traditional astrology it was called the ‘Great visit more information Benefic’ planet.
Jupiter the Planet of Vision
In astrological psychology Jupiter is given to the sight and to our powers of perception and observation. With Jupiter we see the wood before the trees. It is our ability to perceive the whole picture and our need to understand more. This urge to see, to understand, leads us to new growth and an expansion of consciousness. Used in this way it becomes the philosopher, the theologian, the crusader and the speculative thinker. Jupiter also represents our need for fair play and justice. It is our need to know the truth. One tale is right until another one is told, is a strong Jupiterian statement. Jupiter also has an inner eye, as it searches for reasons behind situations and circumstances.
The Planet of Plenty
Jupiter can also act as a Dionysian character. As the planet of expansion it enjoys all the bounty that Earth can provide. However,it can ‘go over the top’ with anything that wets its appetite. The need for freedom and the desire,for the best in life,can set off the search for the grass that is always greener,or an eye peeled for opportunity. Jupiter’s eye is often on the future and its innate sense of enthusiasm and optimism can bring out the gambler, who expects to win or has faith that lady luck will change in his favour. When working from its higher vision Jupiter can act like an eagle in sighting new or future possibilities. This,together with its faith, optimism and enthusiasm, can land Jupiter in the right place at the right time, hence its reputation for luck! But is it luck? Is it not the combination of the inner need for abundance in life, to understand the laws of life and the sheer love of life that brings us to use our higher vision toexpand ourselves?
Jupiter the Joker of the Pack
Jovial is the word often associated with Jupiter and maybe from his bird’s eye view he can see the funny side, especially if we take life too seriously. Comedians often have a strong Jupiter in their charts, as they can see the lighter side of life, as well as expressing a truth through a funny story. As a practical joker Jupiter tries to make fun out of life, which is fine, but remember, as often happens,it can go too far. The main point is that Jupiter can see can perceive the bigger picture and what is truly important in life. Therefore he would be impatient with trivia and pettiness. However,by using humour,Jupiter can get the message across. Its higher vision may see starvation, wars and troubles in the world and this can put into perspective, our minor worries and concerns. This sense of perspective is a major tool of Jupiter.
Jupiter a matter of faith and belief
This planet can often represent our beliefs and faith in something higher than ourselves. A crisis can occur when these beliefs are or shaken by some experience in our life. Jupiter then can be used to search for your own truth or a deeper meaning to life. In another way, if we have all we need and more and live just for material abundance our life becomes empty and boredom can set in, as nothing excites or challenges us anymore. This again will force Jupiter to look for greater significance, which could lead to higher concepts about life. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and is that urge in us that searches for more, for the new adventure, for fresh horizons and for greater opportunity. In its essence it is our need for self-improvement.
Jupiter in the Birth Chart
Taking the qualities that Jupiter bestows into the Birth Chart, it will expand anything it touches and emphasise the house or area it is placed in.
For example, it will expand the type of energy flow that is indicated by its element. In Fire it will increase the flame of self-importance. In Water it will expand the need to nurture. In Air it will seek higher knowledge and information in ways of expanding the mind and intellect and in Earth it may indulge itself in material world.
By house, Jupiter will constantly explore new horizons or improve whatever area of life it finds itself in. It could open the door to opportunity, and if you have the courage to go for it,it may well be lucky for you! It will be where you have the capacity to make use of opportunities or where you should take risks,as only by taking risks do we find out what we are capable of. Alternatively Jupiter’s position can reveal where you have trust in your own potential,therefore you do take chances and attract favourable opportunities.
By sign Jupiter can show the type of humour or sort of activities that can bring joy and buoyancy into your life. The sign quality may also indicate the way you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and restore faith in yourself once again.
The sign shows how you go about self-improvement, how click this site you will expand your resources, the way you perceive and have faith in life. In a nutshell, the sign shows how Jupiter behaves and the house reveals the area it operates in your life. The aspect adds another level of how it is integrated within you.
Jupiter can, like all planets work negatively or positively. As it is a jovial,optimistic and expanding planet for self-improvement. Its placement more often than not will work to bring you opportunity and faith in yourself. This brings a greater meaning to your life. So yes, it’s reputation as being the ‘Lucky Planet’ can be endorsed. One word of warning however, don’t let your Jupiter go over the top!!!

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