Traditional and modern bars and clubs of Athens

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03:08:27 pm on December 2, 2013

“Where is the party? And a quick answer would be in Greece of course. For those who would disagree with me and would dare to challenge the place with other destinations, I would astound them with party islands like Ios, Santorini, Paros and Mykonos. The night life in the bars and clubs of these islands project such an intensive picture of fun and excitement, that the entire islands have been called Eden of party mongers.

The night clubs and bars are abundant in Greece especially in the capital of the country Athens which was till now renowned only for Olympics, but is gradually gaining grounds as a place where tourists and honeymooners spend time rocking on the sandy dance floors of the clubs neatly cubed along the sea shore especially during summers. When read more the music, which range from hard rock to traditional Rambetika ,lalka as well as jazz hits the air, these clubs and bars are transformed into a gigantic wave of revelers sweating under the star studded purple sky. If you were dazed by the disco clubs of the movie &25622;nderworld?witness the same astonishment in the night clubs which are built in the heart of the city, which were once giant warehouse but now host to some of the finest techno beats and raps that engulf the merry makers into wild party animals. Drinks range from beers for peers and champagne for the class and boiling vodkas for hot bloods. The bars remain open till late in the morning till around six or seven. The people and the crowd in the Athens bars and clubs are not only gorgeous but friendly. Traditional dances are usually accompanied by the sound of the famous &25589;ouzouki? Everybody laughs, dances, sings and throws flowers: it is a delirious and click it unique experience to live.

If you are a visitor and wish to discover Athens in its vintage perspective, then you must initiate your tour with traditional Rembetika clubs which are known for their rich music played by famous local and international bands. These clubs serve you with the world famous Greek mouth watering delicacies to nourish your stomach along with music and drinks for your senses. These clubs include clubs such as REMBETIKI ISTORIA : situated at 181 Ippokratous Street, Excarchia, Athens, PERIVOLI T’ OYRANOU situated Lisikratous 19, Plaka, STOA ATHANATON situated at Sofokleos 19 in the Athens Central Meat Market, DIPLOCHORDON situated at 13 Ag. Lavras & Galatsiou Ano Patissia, PONTIKI situated at 9 Eptanisou, Kypseli, the place is know for its New & Old “”laika”” music, ASTROFEGGIA situated at 294 Patission, Agios Loukas. The club is known for its Seven singers and traditional violin and eventually MATTS PICK! MISIKLEOUS 22 Mnisikleous ,Plaka

You can also enjoy Tavernas with Greek music at places such as AMBELOFILO and ELAFOKINIGOS.
If you are done with the vintage angles of Athens bars and clubs then its time for you to rock and party to share this site the tunes of techno music at clubs like Block, Bossa Nostra
City Grove and plus soda.
However there are other ethnic clubs in the city like PALENQUE and KSEXASMENO PIGADI
Mikes Irish bar is yet another place where you can have a drink or two with your friends and love ones mesmerizing to the live jazz music played there
The Athens bars and clubs hold a versatile set of populations hailing from all corners of the earth and hence procure a rich blend of all the fun and excitement music and party can procure and money can buy.”

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