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Facebook (FB) Beats Estimates, Relief Rally Ensues

There has been quite a bit of negative press surrounding Facebook and its stock since the day they announced they were going public.  Of course many of those concerns were valid as the company continues to find the best way to monetize its massive worldwide user base.

The stock has been hit hard in recent months, but after the bell tonight the stock is getting a healthy lift after the company beat analyst estimates by … Read the rest

Facebook (FB) Conference Call Highlights & Analysis

Yesterday, the much awaited Facebook (FB) earnings report hit the street resulting in a wild ride in after hours trading and at the open today.  It’s safe to say traders weren’t impressed with the report with the stock gapping down big at the open (although it has recovered some).  Here are some highlights of the conference call followed by own thoughts.

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– Importance of Mobile
Zuckerberg estimates … Read the rest

Facebook (FB) Earnings Not Bad, But Growth Continues Decelerating As Shares Plunge

Many were forecasting a miss from Facebook (FB) after the bell today, but the company surprised some skeptics by matching the analyst estimates of .12/share on an adjusted basis excluding compensation expenses related to the IPO.  However, this is a growth company with a lofty valuation, so just matching isn’t going to get it done in many cases.  After initially rising, the stock has reversed sharply and is now down another nearly 10% in after … Read the rest

Facebook (FB) Stock Review: Downtrend Remains, But Selling Less Aggressive

In my first post regarding the Facebook (FB) IPO, I talked a lot about waiting at least 10 trading days before making a decision on whether to trade the stock.  While my initial theory of the stock running up for a few days didn’t play out the strategy of waiting proved again to be effective.  The important take away from the first post was that if you jump in the first day, you run … Read the rest

How To Trade The Facebook (FB) IPO

With the Facebook (FB) IPO expected to begin trading on Friday as the one of the most hyped, talked about and biggest internet IPO in history, I thought it would be a good time to review IPO trading strategies which not only applies to the Facebook IPO, but to all IPO’s.  It’s a strategy I’ve been discussing for awhile now, first posting about the strategy in 2006 and then again during the Visa IPO in … Read the rest