Barrons Green Energy Dream Team: ABB, FPL, WMI, JEC, ETN

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01:28:25 pm on March 2, 2009

In Barrons magazine this weekend they highlighted some green energy stock plays across a variety of industries, focusing on those companies that are well established, diversified and financially healthy.  They c all ABB, Waste Management (WMI), FPL Group (FPL), Jacobs Engineering (JEC) and Eaton (ETN) their green dream team.

ABB (ABB): large Switzerland company is one of world’s largest builders of electricity grids and was called the GE of Europe by Barrons several months ago.  It’s technology, including power management sensors and load balancing systems has kept it ahead of competitors.  The company will be a big winner in the move to upgrade the electric grid and make greater use of smart grid technologies.

FPL Group (FPL): Once called the WalMart of wind energy, FPL is the nations leading producer of wind and solar power.  It’s renewable energy division, NextEra Energy, nearly tripled its net income last year with the division controlling 25% of the US wind energy market.

Waste Management (WMI): the nation’s largest waste disposal and recycling company generates energy from methane gas, landfill waste and other recoverable waste materials.  The company estimates that just 6% of the garbage going into traditional land fills doesn’t contribute in some way to green energy.  WMI’s waste to energy incinerators burn about a quarter of the trash burned each year with each ton of garbage burned replacing a ton of coal and reducing carbon emissions.  By 2020 they plan to double their energy generation capacity and are currently adding new revenue streams with moves into electronics and medical waste recycling. 

Jacobs Engineering (JEC): just the company for the job to design, build and manage large infrastructure projects.. many with a green component. 

Eaton (ETN): manufacturers hydraulic and electric power control systems used in automotive, industrial, aerospace and windmill applications.  The company recently launched a new venture producing energy efficient powertrains that capture energy from braking systems.  Currently, UPS, FedEX, Walmart and school buses are testing the technology.

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