Headlines: Twitter IPO, Soaring Home Values, Apple’s iTunes Radio & 5C & Inspiration!

Here are some business and stock market headline news stories to chew on this evening…

Home Values Have Soared Over Past Year!

Across 20 major US cities, the average home value increase was 12.4% which is the most in 7 years!  However, it looks as though the rate of increase has peaked for now.  “More cities are experiencing slow gains each month than the previous month, suggesting that the rate of increase may have peaked,” David M. Blitzer, chairman of the index committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices, said in a statement.  Prices rose fastest in Las Vegas, which saw annual gains of 27.5%. Prices in San Francisco jumped 24.8%, Los Angeles 20.8% and San Diego 20.4%.  Sure seems like a mini bubble in housing right now particularly with mortgage rates a full percentage point higher in the past few months.

Twitter IPO Headed to the NYSE?

Rumor has it that Twitter is leaning towards listing on the NYSE.  The company announced (er, rather Tweeted) a couple weeks ago that it had filed for an IPO confidentially which means the company can keep its financials under wraps until 3 weeks before the IPO prices.  We’ll continue to follow the news surrounding what should be a much hyped (overhyped?) IPO.  Perhaps this is the IPO that marks the top of the internet stocks frenzy over the past year.

100 Inspirational Quotes

Hey, we could all use some inspiration once in awhile!  Print these out and pin up in the office.

Is Apple’s Big iPhone Estimate Beat Overblown?

Some analysts are questioning just how well the iPhone 5C is selling because Apple includes phones shipped to retailers as sold.  One analyst said, “the 5C appears to continue to be (uncharacteristically) widely available, suggesting that Apple may have been overzealous in estimating its appeal.”  If you’re trading AAPL, get a free daily analysis of the chart here. 

iTunes Radio Impressive Debut.  Does It Spell Trouble for Pandora (P)?

In 5 days iTunes Radio added 11 million users which will put in the realm of iHeartRadio.  Next up is Spotify with 20 million users and the behemoth in the niche Pandora (P) which has 65 million users.  Analysts disagree on the impact it will have on Pandora.  There are cases for and against so if you’re trading Pandora you’ll need to keep a close eye on the chart.  The iTunes Radio news has been out for months and the stock has done VERY well since then.  It has pulled back a bit on news of the success of iTunes Radio, but given the huge run in the stock, this is a very normal pullback right now.   You can get a free daily analysis of the strength of the Pandora stock chart here.




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