Itron (ITRI) Works With Sequentric To Introduce Home Energy Management Hub

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10:36:32 am on November 18, 2009

Sequentric Energy Systems, LLC just announced the release of a new product: the Sequentric ERT Gateway, a home energy management hub that provides data on home energy use directly to consumers, using Itron’s ERT reading functionality.

The device allows utilities to provide customers with up-to-the minute information on energy consumption in their home, connecting them to the smart grid and allowing them to manage their energy usage. The device also works with load controllers, current transformer encoding modules and EV/PHEV transponders that utilities can install in customer homes to help with demand response, load-leveling, reliability and grid management programs.

In a press release, Daniel Flohr, CEO of Sequentric, explained the importance of the new product:

“Right now, tens of millions of ERT meters are transmitting very important energy consumption information at the endpoints of the power grid. Sequentric’s ERT Gateway collects this information while also serving as the hub of a home area network for electrical device monitoring and management. Homes equipped this way easily join the Smart Grid, empowering homeowners with information to help manage their energy use more efficiently. Making this information available lets utilities and grid operators develop new relationships with their customers while gaining the ability to deploy valuable tools to implement critically important networked demand response programs. Sequentric’s embrace of IP as the fundamental Smart Grid communication standard along with easy field upgradability to bring in new application-layer standards as they evolve, assures a HAN product family that is expandable, highly adaptive and lasting.”

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