China Is Alternative Energy World Leader, Doubled US Investment Last Year

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10:54:36 am on March 26, 2010

If the Obama administration wants to meet its goal of being the alternative energy world leader, it’s got a lot of catching up to do.  While they focus on a trillion dollar health care sure to put the US credit rating at risk in the coming years, it spends peanuts on the technology needed to fuel our future without the need for massive foreign oil imports. 

Last year, China doubled the investment the US made in clean energy, spending more than 34.6 billion to our 18.6 billion according to researchers with the Pew Charitable Trusts.  It should be noted that the US still leads in installed capacity, but Pew believes China will take the lead there this year if current trends continue.  Renewable energy still makes up a small fraction of the total energy output in China and in order to achieve their goal of 15% by 2020, they will likely have to continue to invest at the rate they have been and that’s great news for the China green stocks.

Spain spent $10 billion which is impressive on a per capita basis while South Korea experienced the most growth at 250%.  If you’ve been reading the news here at Green Stocks then you know an increasing number of press releases are issued highlighting the potential in South Korea. 

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