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Tesla (TSLA) Soars After Confirming Profitability, Providing Breakout Entry

A few days ago shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) staged a significant breakout move above previous resistance, sending the stock to all time highs.  Technically, this is an extremely bullish move for the stock and likely leads to further gains down the road.

The move came after CEO Elon Musk confirmed that yes the company will post a profit for Q1.  While the company already indicated this in their last earnings report, Wall … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) Tanks After Reporting Wider Loss Than Expected, But Profit In Sight

Tesla Motors (TSLA) reported earnings last night that provided a bit of fuel for skeptics, but hope remains and the company has indicated profitability is just around the corner.  In the near term though, the stock is getting hit hard today and slicing through key support at the 50 day moving average this morning.  Let’s see if the stock can make a comeback and close at the 50 or just above.  That would be an … Read the rest

Who’s Winning The Tesla (TSLA) Tussle? Musk vs NYT Broder

I’ve been covering Tesla Motors (TSLA) for a few years now (not as much recently) and since the company went public in June of 2010, the scrutiny level continues to rise.  With shareholder fortunes at stake and a general skepticism of electric cars, particularly of those not made by Toyota, the microscope has zeroed in on Tesla.  If there is one thing you can count on, it’s that CEO and Co-Founder Elon Musk won’t simply … Read the rest

Bullish Alert: Tesla Motors (TSLA) Breaks Out Of Cup With Handle Base

Tesla Motors (TSLA) has finally made the move I have been looking for… a breakout to a new 52 week high and within a stone’s throw of a new all time high.  Technically, the stock actually broke out of a cup with handle base yesterday and today it added to that gain confirming the breakout from this bullish base.  What does this mean?  Well, it greatly increases the odds of a significant move in shares … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) Reports Mixed Results, But Sees Strong Model X Demand

Tesla Motors (TSLA) reported earnings last night that were mixed.  Quite frankly I couldn’t care about earnings with Tesla right now and I think most analysts would agree.  This is still a development stage company that has yet to test the “more mainstream” electric car market.  For now this is a company trading on potential and many have high hopes for both the Model S electric sedan expected to hit the streets in July as … Read the rest

Tesla (TSLA) Showcases Model X

Let the hype begin for Tesla’s Model X, the electric crossover vehicle slated for launch in 2014.  Some might say it’s a bit early to begin showcasing the prototype vehicle when the Model S is still months away from hitting the streets, but Musk is driven to prove doubters wrong and never shies away from delivering a big press event.  Musk summed up a description of the vehicle with bravado saying, “We’ve created a car … Read the rest

Tesla’s (TSLA) Wild Friday ..Overblown?

I was away from the market Friday and getting caught up with all the latest today.  Looks like I missed quite a day for Tesla on Friday with the stock plummeting 20% on news two key engineers working on the Model S left the company. 

It appears based on today’s quick recovery that fears of internal turmoil may be overblown.  The Fool has a great run down on the events, I’ll summarize here.

Initially … Read the rest

UQM Technologies (UQM) Seeing Buy Interest On Electric Propulsion System Deal For UPS Trucks

UQM Technologies (UQM) is seeing a nice pop over the past couple days after it was announced on Tuesday that the company has received another order from Electric Vehicles International.  The order is for 100 propulsion systems that will ultimately be used in all electric trucks for UPS which are expected to be deployed in California very soon.  UPS will replace diesel trucks saving up to 126K gallons of fuel every year. 

==> Click Read the rest

A123 Systems (AONE) Up 10% On VIA Deal

A123 Systems (AONE) is getting a much needed boost this morning, up 10% on news it has struck a deal with VIA Motors to supply them with lithium ion battery packs.  The 24kWh packs will be combined with VIA’s 300kW electric motor and onboard generator to deliver an all eletric driving range of up to 40 miles for cars, vans and trucks.  VIA has already begun receiving the packs and delivering electric trucks to commercial … Read the rest

Morgan Stanley: Electric Car Market Won’t Be Significant As Previously Thought, Downgrades Tesla (TSLA)

Morgan Stanley has some credibility issues this morning.  Back in March the company was wildly bullish on shares on Tesla (TSLA) and set a base price target of $70/share with the potential for a $135 price as a best case scenario target.  They were convinced that electric cars would make up a significant minority of light vehicle sales in the medium term and a majority in the longer term.  They mentioned the potential for Tesla … Read the rest