Clean Energy Ensures Future Growth, FPL Chairman (FPL) Tells Shareholders

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09:03:36 am on May 25, 2009

Lew Hay, FPL Groups Chairman and CEO, advised FPL shareholders at the company’s annual meeting that FPL’s investments in alternative energy will pay off in continued growth. FPL’s investment in clean energy sources like wind power and solar power are not only good for the environment, they are also good for the company’s bottom line-especially if the government starts taxing carbon emissions. Here are some quotes from the meeting, from Solar Energy News:

“FPL Group has one of the lowest emissions rates in the sector. In fact, if every utility were as clean as FPL Group, CO2 emissions from the power sector would be reduced by nearly 50 percent and total U.S. carbon emissions would be reduced by 20 percent. That’s the equivalent of removing 209 million cars from the road, or roughly 80 percent of all vehicles in the nation,” Hay said.

“The true test of companies is not how well they perform in a booming economy. It is how well they perform in the face of a challenge,” Hay said. He pointed to FPL Group’s strong performance in the toughest economy in decades as “a powerful endorsement of our strategy, our commitment to financial discipline, and our dedicated and talented employees.”

FPL Group’s success in 2008 contributed to the company’s strong performance relative to its peers over the past seven years, as measured by both total shareholder return and growth in market capitalization.

“Consider this one simple fact: A dollar invested in the S&P 500 at the end of 2001 was worth 90 cents at the end of 2008. A dollar invested in FPL Group had more than doubled to $2.17,” Hay said.

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I need Mr. Lew Hay, FPL Groups Chairman and CEO to receive a copy of this complaint

This is an unrighteous and oppressive penalty.
Particularly in light of the fact that we are a fixed income, and have tried diligently to reduce our utility usage. You sent an FPL representative out to asset our usage make recommendations. He explained to us that the hot water heater and the A/C were the causes of the wattage use. For last two months, we have not used hot water or turned on the A/C, and still our bill is $80.00/ month. To add insult to injury you now are requesting an additional deposit of $177.00. My wife and I cannot afford the additional, payment. As you can see by our payment record, we can barely pay the $50/month. We turn off the A/C and hot water; and want do we get? Increase deposit and threat to disconnect service. Please inform us who in FPL can assist in the resolution of this unjustice?

We are requesting that you do three things.
1. Rescind the 170.00 additional deposit
2. Install a new meter
3. Place us on a monthly payment plan.
How is it possible to use the same amount of wattage, having discontinued the use of all hot water, and use of the A/C? It appears that the problem is with FPL. We demand a speedily resolution to the issue. The does not lie with us; the fault is FPL; it’s meter
We explained to him that we felt that the meter was faulty. He assured us that it was not. We requested anew meter.


@John- That’s horrible! We don’t work for them, though, so you really need to get the complaint directly to FPL. Best of luck-I do hope you’re able to get everything resolved quickly!

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