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Clean Energy Ensures Future Growth, FPL Chairman (FPL) Tells Shareholders

Lew Hay, FPL Groups Chairman and CEO, advised FPL shareholders at the company’s annual meeting that FPL’s investments in alternative energy will pay off in continued growth. FPL’s investment in clean energy sources like wind power and solar power are not only good for the environment, they are also good for the company’s bottom line-especially if the government starts taxing carbon emissions. Here are some quotes from the meeting, from Solar Energy News:

“FPL Group … Read the rest

FPL Group, Inc (FPL) Changes Name Of Alt Energy Subsidiary

Just a heads up…FPL Group Inc is changing the name of its alternative energy subsidiary, FPL Energy. FPL Energy will henceforth be known as NextEra Energy Resources.

According to MSNBC, "NextEra Chief Executive Mitch Davidson said the company’s new name "reflects our focus on clean energy solutions and provides us with a strong brand platform to grow our business now and into the future."… Read the rest