A-Power (APWR) Surges Again As 600MW Texas Wind Farm Closer To Reality

Back on October 30th, it was first announced that A-Power Energy (APWR) through its Shenyang Power joint venture (of which it is majority owner) would partially own and be the wind turbine supplier for a 600MW wind farm in Texas.  Today the project moves closer to fruition with Shenyang Power, US Renewable Energy Group and Cielo Wind Power entering into a definitive agreement with a signing ceremony in Wash DC today.  The tentative delivery date for the wind turbines is March 2010.

The wind farm is shrouded in controversy because it may be eligible for US stimulus funds, but provide most of the benefit to China.  The project will create some 300 temporary jobs in Texas, but will create many more jobs in China where the wind turbines will be built.  To that I say quit your bitching and moaning and put the policies in place so that a US based company can make this kind of commitment.  Heck, we can’t even keep our own US based green energy companies from shipping production overseas! Case in point.. take a look at where First Solar is investing.

A-Power Energy is surging 10% in after hours trading.

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2 thoughts on “A-Power (APWR) Surges Again As 600MW Texas Wind Farm Closer To Reality”

  1. ask yourself what a 1.5 billion will do for a company that does 320 million a year ????

    Like I have been saying for how long??

  2. A-Power and Shenyang Power are partnering for a great wind turbine supplier project! With a delivery date of March 2010, these turbines will fuel hundreds of homes!

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