Advanced Battery Technologies (ABAT) Appoints Dr.Suiyang Huang To The Position Of Chief Technology Officer

Advanced Battery Technologies, a company that manufactures rechargeable polymer lithium-ion batteries, named Dr. Suiyang Huang as their new Chief Technology officer today. Dr. Huang’s responsibilities will include upgrading existing ABAT products and production processes, managing technology standards and production procedures, and developing new and better rechargeable battery products.

Dr. Huang seems eminently qualified for the position. He has a PHD from Universite de Bordeaux,has published over 30 papers, and holds 7 US and 20 Chinese patents. As company CEO Zhiguo Fu said, "The appointment of Dr. Suiyang Huang to the Chief Technology Officer position fills an important and strategic leadership role in our company. Technology is our lifeblood in an industry where innovation drives competition and customer value. Dr. Suiyang Huang’s record as a pioneer in the field is not only evident in China but worldwide. With his help, we will set the standards for China’s EV industry."

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