Akeena Solar’s (AKNS) Andalay System Now Available At Lowe’s (LOW), Shares Soar 65%

Solar panels are now hitting the mainstream, at least in California.  Homeowners can now purchase Akeena Solar’s (AKNS) Andalay AC solar panels at 21 Lowe’s stores throughout Cali and are featured as part of stores Energy Center (maybe Green Energy Center is a better name!).  The Energy Center at Lowe’s allows customers to calculate the solar and wind energy potential of their home and sells products allowing customers to measure energy use, reduce consumption and generate clean energy.  The company plans to expand these in store energy centers to other stores next year.  I don’t see any mention of the Energy Center on Lowe’s website with a quick check, but it’s early and I haven’t had coffee yet, so maybe I missed it.

Said Akeena CEO Barry Cinnamon, “The PC revolution in the computer industry occurred when new technology made PCs easy to use and affordable.  Likewise, with panels becoming plug-and-play appliances, the solar revolution has started. The availability of solar panels in Lowe’s stores makes it easy for homeowners to go solar and is a big step toward getting solar on every sunny rooftop.”

Shares of AKNS are soaring in premarket trading, up 65%.  Keep an eye on residential solar installer Real Goods Solar (RSOL)  too which could move on the news.

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