American Superconductor (AMSC) Gets Another Upgrade – Raymond James Strong Buy

A few minutes ago AMSC received yet another upgrade and it still isn’t budging much!  Over the past couple months the company has made some bullish announcements and received upgrades from several analysts, but the stock is having a tough time getting going again.  It continues to work on carving out a new base and making its way up the right side though. 

Raymond James also came out minutes ago with an upgrade of the stock from Outperform to Strong Buy, but the stock remains unchanged.

4 thoughts on “American Superconductor (AMSC) Gets Another Upgrade – Raymond James Strong Buy”

  1. I wonder if market makers were playing with the stock price. Their friends were shorting this one and needed help getting out of a bad position.

  2. OK, lets be real here, AMSC has a forward p/e of 40 and that is if everything hits on all cylinders
    a PEG of 3.65

    APWR on the other hand has a P/E of 11 forward and a PEG of .65

    U figure out which one is UNDERVALUED and which one is overvalued and U can SEE that AMSC is just stuck for awhile after a spectacular run in 2009

  3. can’t argue with the fact AMSC is pricey and APWR is long overdue for a nice run (great breakout several days ago.. I’m in!), but often times valuation means little with the momentum plays

  4. hey, I been wrong on AMSC for months as AMSC holds the $30 -$35 price ……its a GREAT STORY going forward and will grow for sure into the future

    APWR starting to get the ”’focus”’ as more and more folks figure out HOW BILLIONS in new contracts will power APWR north…..todays 12% move just good validation of my points!

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