Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Buys Oilseed Plant In Czech Republic

Archer Daniels Midland just announced that it has purchased an oilseed plant in the Czech Republic from ViaChem Group. The plant consists of facilities for crushing oilseeds, refining them and producing biodiesel. In addition to energy, the plant produces oil and meal for the food and feed markets.

In a press release, Brent Fenton, ADM Europe’s managing director, commented on the acquisition:

This acquisition will allow ADM to expand further its leadership position in agricultural processing in Europe and strengthen our softseed processing activities in this region,” said  “This new site will support ADM’s expansion of its rapeseed and sunseed origination network in Central Europe. In line with ADM’s strategy to expand the size and global reach of our core model, this acquisition increases the Company’s presence in the growing Eastern European market.”

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