Ascent Solar (ASTI) Developing New Product Line

Ascent Solar is developing a new BIPV product line for use on standing seam metal roofs. Ascent is working with Energy Peak to test and perfect the product; both companies expect production to begin in the first half of this year and that Energy Peak will be able to buy modules and use them in roofing projects by the second half.

In a press release,  Farhad Mogadam, CEO of Ascent Solar, commented

“We are excited to be working with the experienced photovoltaic metal roofing systems provider EnergyPeak. Metal roofing systems are an ideal end market solution of our unique, lightweight and flexible photovoltaic modules. With a short-term total addressable market of 10 million square feet of BIPV per year and long-term 100 million square feet of BIPV per year, EnergyPeak is an ideal business partner for this endeavor.”

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