BP (BP) To Work With Martek BioSciences On Biofuels Project

BP just announced that it will be collaborating with Martek Biosciences Corp to develop technologies that use microbial oils to convert sugars into biodiesel, according to UPI.com. Currently, most biodiesel is made from some type of natural fat or oil, whether it is animal or vegetable in origin. Sugars are usually fermented to produce ethanol. The process that BP and Martek are working on would use sugars to create biodiesel, a process that is expected to produce a fuel with 80 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional diesel.

In the article referenced above, Philip New, BP Biofuel’s CEO, commented on the project:

“As an alternative to conventional vegetable oils, we believe sugar to diesel technology has the potential to deliver economic, sustainable and scaleable biodiesel supplies. In partnering with Martek, we combine the world’s leading know-how in microbial lipid production with our expertise in fuels markets and applications, and our more recent experience in biofuels production and commercialization.”

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  1. They should disclose the feedstock (specific plants) they are or will be using to make this biodiesel to dispel food vs fuel issues.

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