Broadwind Energy (BWEN) Shares Surge On Gamesa Wind Tower Deal

Shares of Broadwind Energy (BWEN) are surging 10% in pre-market trading and will get back above the 50 day moving average after it was announced that they will supply the wind towers for projects in the US being developed by Gamesa Technology , a global manufacturer of wind turbine generators.  The towers will be constructed by Broadwind’s Tower Tech subsidiary and are expected to be delivered in the 4th quarter this year.  No word on how many towers will be sold or the financials of the deal. 

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“Tower Tech specializes in the production of heavier and more complex wind towers, with which turbine manufactures like Gamesa seek to expand the geographic footprint of wind power,” said Jess Collins, group president at Broadwind Energy. “We are delighted to extend our long, successful supply relationship with Gamesa through this project.”

One thought on “Broadwind Energy (BWEN) Shares Surge On Gamesa Wind Tower Deal”

  1. no dollar amount announced

    imagine WHAT will happen to APWR once the 1.5 BILLION TEXAS wind farm announced!

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