Broadwind Energy (BWEN) To Offer Gearbox Refurbishment In US

Broadwind Enregy just announced that they are extending their Repair and Engineering Services to offer enhanced megawatt (MW) gearbox repair and refurbishment capabilities. Currently, these services are performed outside of the US. Broadwind Energy believes that it is the first independent wind energy product/service provider to offer this service inside the US. The company expects to have these services available by the latter half of this year, and will be able to offer around 500 MW of wind turbine gearbox refurbishment, testing and field replacement on a yearly basis.

In a press release, Paul Seppanen, president of Broadwind’s energy services business, commented on the news:

“Broadwind supplies technical services to those customers seeking complete operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions, including condition monitoring, up-tower diagnosis and installation and replacement capabilities. In addition, Broadwind will stock regionally deployed on-the-shelf replacements to immediately provide customers with refurbished gearboxes. We look forward to offering wind energy customers the most comprehensive suite of services for turnkey wind turbine gearbox refurbishing, testing and field replacement.”

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