Calgon Carbon (CCC) Gets $34 Million Mercury Removal Contract

Calgon Carbon (CCC) announced a total of $34 million in new contracts this morning from 3 electric power companies and one cement plant to reduce their mercury emissions with the use of Calgon’s FLUEPAC activated carbon system.  The contract range from 1 – 5 yrs and can be extended beyond the initial terms.

Calgon said in the press release that it expects the EPA to finalize regulations this year requiring the cement industry to control mercury emissions.  It’s about time.  The CEO commented, saying, “We believe that this is the first contract for on-going carbon supply for mercury removal at a cement plant in the United States.”

CCC is up nearly 4% on the news today and working on carving out the right side of a new base.  This is without a doubt, a company to keep an eye on it the coming years.

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