Canadian Solar (CSIQ) CEO Interview: Grid Parity Not Far Off

BNET has an interesting interview with Canadian Solar CEO Shawn Qu I recommend checking out.  Here are a few highlights of comments made by Qu:

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– Believes solar will reach grid parity (using the levelized cost of energy) in some countries within the next 3-5 years.  He sees Japan reaching it first then Germany and California.  That may be the tipping point for another explosion in solar installations.
– He sees the US as being the biggest solar market within 3-5 years
– When asked if US solar companies should continue to use China manufacturing to lower costs, he highlighted a report from the SEIA showing that the US is a next exporter of solar rather than an importer.  Qu also indicated that if the US can implement policy to help grow the market, it can become more competitive in manufacturing costs.
– Highlighted the effective renewable energy programs in states like California and New Jersey, but indicated a US national policy is needed
– Doesn’t pay attention of shorter term crises like what’s going on in Middle East, but focuses on larger trend of increased consumption due to emerging economies such as China and India

Check out the full interview at BNET

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