Carnival Of The Green, Edition #200!

I’m proud to be hosting the Carnival of the Green this week.  The carnival, organized by, is now in week 200! Click here for more information on the Carnival of the Green.  Also, be sure to check out last week’s carnival at Reduce Your CO2 and next week’s carnival at Ooffoo.

Tyler over at Frugally Green discusses the power of the consumer in creating change and forcing corporations to be increasingly environmentally responsible.  Money talks!  A good example of this is Beth at Fake Plastic Fish, who obsessively refuses to where anything made with plastic.

Claudia at Reveal Real Estate reveals a list of the greenest international real estate developments across Nicaragua, Panama, Belize and Costa Rica.

Alex at Home Life Weekly has the recipe for environmentally friendly oven cleaner

Since there weren’t many submittals this week I’ve included some interesting green posts of my own…

EcoGeek has the details on yet another cool iPhone app.. this one measures wind speed!

GreenTech Media says the first US solar IPO in over a year is coming soon

Gas2.0 has a few issues with a study by Biofuels Digest that says electric cars emit 30% more carbon dioxide pollution than a car running on an E85 ethanol mix over its lifetime.  Here’s another .. consider the source of the study!

CleanTechnica reports that Sharp Corp has announced it’s achieved the worlds highest solar cell conversion efficiency at 35.8%

I recently highlighted over at my (soon to be recharged) Green Energy Trends site an article about 25 companies with exciting alternative energy technologies

Environmental Capital reports that wind energy is booming in the US thanks to stimulus cash

TreeHugger posted an interesting video of an interview/test drive with Tesla Motors VP Diarmuid O’Connell

4 thoughts on “Carnival Of The Green, Edition #200!”

  1. Hey Tate. Thanks for hosting this week. It’s time for me to do a little more brushing up on green investments.

  2. my pleasure Tyler.. you’ve found a good place to brush up 🙂

  3. thanks Beth and a good suggestion.. there certainly wasn’t good participation in this carnival and that may help future carnivals.

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