China Intelligent Lighting (CIL) Adds 300 Distribution Outlets For LED Products

China Intelligent Lighting (CIL) has signed contracts with distributors to open another 300 distribution outlets in China in 2011 to sell the Hyundai brand and its own CINLE brand of LED lighting products.  The distributors will initially sign 2 year contracts and CIL will invest about $7.5K in each store ($2.3 million total).  This announcement of 300 additional distribution outlets brings the total to 2500 across 30 provinces in China.

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Ms. Li Xuemei, Chairman and CEO of China Intelligent, said, "These distribution outlets will contribute to our growth plan by strengthening our competitive positioning in China’s largest Tier 1 cities and cultivating our presence in the smaller cities that are demonstrating the rapid growth and urbanization that spur demand for our innovative and high-quality traditional lighting and LED products. Ultimately, our branding strategy is designed to build our higher-margin branded product and LED product sales as a percentage of our total revenue, and we believe that our investment in the distribution network will help us to achieve strong and sustainable growth."

Shares of CIL are moving up a few percent this morning, but still trying to find a bottom after reaching new all time lows in recent days. 

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