Citron Research Values American Superconductor (AMSC) At $10

Citron Research (formerly is known for its in depth research and peeling away the truth behind a company’s numbers, exposing the true nature of the business or lack thereof.  Today, they issued a report on American Superconductor (AMSC), calling the company an industrial commodity (who happens to supply the wind industry) rather than an alt energy play.  They also bring attention to the request of the company that the SEC withhold key information from shareholders regarding the recent order from Sinovel (note the omissions in the SEC report):

Finally, Citron argues that the company should be valued at $10/share based on the recent $500 million dollar purchase of direct competitor Xantrex by Schneider Electric. 

It should noted that JANCO feels quite differently about the future of AMSC and slapped a Buy rating on the stock saying, “We believe that market’s overreaction to the Company’s earnings result has created an attractive entry point and a solid profit potential relative to our price target.”  Perhaps they are just looking for an opportunity to sell out of a position.. gotta love the market.

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