Consolidated Edison (ED) Rolls Out Smart Grid Test

New York’s Consolidated Edison just announced that it is planning a smart grid test program in Northwest Queens. Approximately 1,500 customers will receive smart meters as part of the demonstration. Consolidated Edison will also work with City University of New York to study how to best distribute solar energy from rooftop installations to the power grid. In addition, the project will examine ways to monitor and improve power distribution and correct problems more quickly, and how to best deal with charging plug-in vehicles.

Consolidated Edison hopes to expand the smart grid program, and in pursuit of that goal, the company is also applying for grants from the Department of Energy to help finance $375 million in smart grid projects.

In  a press release, Kevin Burke,, Con Edison’s Chairman and CEO, commented on the projects:

“New York City will be a model showing how smart grid technologies can work together in dense urban areas. Smart grids will change the way we manage the grid, and can change the way customers manage their energy usage.  Our vision is to identify grid innovations that can be reliable and cost effective, and provide increased flexibility for customers in the ways they make energy choices.”

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