Duke Energy (DUK) Gets 2 Wind Farms Up And Running

Duke Energy just announced that they have 2 new wind farms up and running: the 70 North Allegheny Windpower Project in Pennsylvania, which will sell power to FirstEnergy under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement, and the 42-MW Silver Sage Windpower Project in Wyoming, which will sell power to Cheyenne Light Fuel & Power and Platte River Power Authority.

The power produced by these two plants gives Duke a total wind power capacity of 634 MW. By the end of the year, they should have another wind project online that will bring their total capacity to 733 MW.

Duke also announced that they have chosen Siemens to supply 44 2.3 MW turbines for their 200-MW Top of the World Windpower Project, also in Wyoming. Construction on this project is scheduled to start next year. 

3 thoughts on “Duke Energy (DUK) Gets 2 Wind Farms Up And Running”

  1. Tried to send an e-mail via Contact Us tool, but it was not functioning properly. Two corrections: North Allegheny Windpower Project is 70 megawatts, not 75 MW. In addition, Duke Energy is purchasing of 44 Siemens wind turbines, not 45. Feel free to delete this post when the story is updated.

  2. thanks for the heads up Greg .. edit made and looking into contact form issue

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