Echelon (ELON) & Convergys (CVG) Partner To Develop Smart Grid Billing Solutions

Echelon (ELON) and Convergys (CVG) have announced a collaboration to develop next generation billing solutions for the smart grid.  The goal is to allow customers to pass energy usage data from Echelon’s real time system to Convergys real time customer relationship and billing system so they can see how much they’re spending in real time, allowing them to make adjustments for greater energy efficiency.

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“Today, utilities and customers are unable to fully leverage the real-time, two-way digital capabilities enabled by the smart grid,” said Michael Anderson, Echelon’s senior vice president of NES sales and market development. “With this seamless customer-to-cash solution built for real time interaction, customers will have more control over their energy usage, enabling them to save money and be more environmentally conscious.”

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