Ener1 (HEV) Restructures For Greater Efficiency, Shares Looking More Bullish

Ener1 (HEV) has announced plans to restructure into three segments to better capitalize on opportunities and increase efficiency – transportation, utility grid and small format products.  Each segment will have its own president with changes applied across the world.

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"We have moved to match our functional structure with the growing differentiation and segmentation within this highly dynamic industry," said Ener1 Chairman and CEO Charles Gassenheimer.  "We believe tightly focused product centers will provide a straighter and more immediate pathway between Ener1 and our customers and partners, which should result in a qualitatively higher level of service and specific responsiveness."

In my opinion, shares of HEV are beginning to look mighty compelling down here particularly since the stock surged off support of the 50 day moving average yesterday with heavy volume. 

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