Energy Focus (EFOI) Announces $4.1 Million In Efficient Lighting Retrofit Contracts

Energy Focus (EFOI) saw a minor boost in shares yesterday following news that the company has received an additional $4.1 million in efficient lighting retrofit contracts.  Half the contract is to upgrade large SE university, $1 million is for a military base and the rest is for a community college and elementary school.

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Joseph Kaveski, CEO, Energy Focus, Inc., commented: “As I discussed during our recent third quarter call, I’m delighted that we have already received several new contracts totaling $5.6 million for our fourth quarter. We announced $1.5 million last month and we’re now adding another $4.1 million, which we’ve received this month. This will bring our contracts through the end of the year on the solutions side to at least $27.4 million. These new contracts, while contributing sales in 2010 will also help to create a significant backlog for work in 2011.”

Shares of EFOI are continuing to find the bottom of a new base after a huge August run. 

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