Energy Focus (EFOI) To Retrofit Two Navy Ships With LED Lighting

It was announced a couple days ago that Energy Focus (EFOI) received a half million dollar order to retrofit two US Navy destroyers.  EFOI will use its LED Berth lights using IntelliTube technology to replace the existing fluorescent lights reducing power consumption by half and will also replace incandescent bulbs using white, yellow, red and blue LED’s saving 80% energy.

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"LED lights particularly make sense on destroyers," said Roger Buelow, Energy Focus Chief Technology Officer and principal investigator for the ONR’s SSL project. "The Navy calculates electrical energy costs at about 55 cents per kilowatt hour – or more than double the highest US residential or commercial rates. In addition, the lights we designed for the Navy are extremely vibration resistant – a problem for both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs that the conversion to our SSL LED lights solves."

Shares of EFOI didn’t really move much on the news and remain trading around the buck level.  I do like shares of EFOI down here and personally own shares at this level.

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