EnerNoc (ENOC) Adds 30MW Of Demand Response Capacity In California

EnerNOC  just announced that it is expanding its DemandSMART network in Northern California to provide an additional 30MW of demand response capacity, bringing EnerNOC’s total demand response capacity in the region to 70MW.

The DemandSMART network consists of commercial, institutional, and industrial customers who agree to use EnerNOC’s demand response software to reduce their energy usage when requested by PG&E.  In exchange, these customers receive payments for committing to adjusting their usage when necessary plus additional payments based on how they perform during a demand response event.

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In a press release, Tim Healy, Chairman and CEO of EnerNOC, commented on the news:

“California’s commitment to procuring cost-effective demand side resources is aligned with ratepayer best interests, economic development, and environmental initiatives. We’re excited to build off of our market leadership position in Northern California, continue to hire more world-class people from this region’s deep talent pool, and expand the value we bring to our utility and C&I customers.”