EnerNoc (ENOC) Deploys PowerTalk Smart Grid Instant Messaging Technology

EnerNoc has successfully deployed its PowerTalk technology in 250 of its approximately 5000 customer sites which allows for real time communication through open standards technology between almost any internet enabled smart meter or device and the EnerNoc command center.  Similar to instant messaging, the presence technology continuously transmits the status of the device as well as other info so that changing conditions are detected in real time. 

Whereas most current technical approaches involve reading Smart Grid devices on predefined schedules, known as “polling,” PowerTalk enables constant and real-time visibility into device status and availability without polling. Because PowerTalk-enabled devices automatically push data back to the NOC, scalability constraints associated with polling devices to retrieve data are avoided

“EnerNOC continues to actively invest in new technologies that help drive operational efficiency in our rapidly expanding network, increase customer satisfaction, and position EnerNOC for future success as the Smart Grid continues to take shape,” said Tim Healy, EnerNOC’s Chairman and CEO. “PowerTalk represents an important step forward on all of those fronts. It is already driving significant efficiencies in our site enablement process, and we are actively investing in future applications of presence technology to make the existing electric power grid more responsive, efficient, and reliable.”


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