GE Energy (GE) Catching A Breeze With Launch Of 2.5xl Wind Turbine In Europe


GE Energy announced that it has already received more than 1 GW worth of commitments to purchase its 2.5xl wind turbine over the next 18 months-enough to power 1 million households. The 2.5xl turbine is GE’s most advanced turbine model to date, and is more efficient, reliable and has a better capacity to connect to the grid than previous turbines. GE has invested $100  million to launch this turbine, and will also expand its European manufacturing capacity to keep up with demand for the product. Their Salzbergen, Germany facility will be expanded by 28,000 sq meters, and an additional 160 jobs will be created.

Ricardo Cordoba, president of GE Energy Western Europe and Northern Africa, commented on GE’s manufacturing expansion, saying

"Across Europe, power producers increasingly are turning to cleaner, innovative ways to meet their energy needs. To meet this growing demand, GE continues to enhance our diverse portfolio of energy options, including wind, as illustrated by the expansion of the Salzbergen facility."

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