General Electric (GE) To Build Wind Farm in Bulgaria

General Electric is considering building a wind farm in the Mirkovo region of Bulgaria. Recently, country’s Economy and Energy Minister met with GM’s Project Manager of GE Infrastructure-Energy to discuss the region’s suitability for wind power generation.

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GE experts have visited Bulgaria twice in 2008 to conduct preliminary research of the area. The results revealed the possibility of building a wind park with power between 150 and 500 MW. The research is continuing through 2009.
The Mirkovo Mayor, Tsvetanka Yotina, who also attended the meeting, stated that the GE experts have chosen terrains including municipal lands as well as lands that are State property. Yotina has requested that the State provides the land for the park.
The research data shows that the investment is going to be in the amount of EUR 200 to EUR 800.

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