General Electric (GE) Tries To Block Mitsubishi Wind Turbines From US Market

General Electric is trying to get the U.S. International Trade Commission to keep Mitsubishi’s rival wind turbines from entering the US market. According to GE, Mitsubishi’s Turbines use GE technology that infringes on 3 US patents. Here’s more, from the National Wind Watch website:

The three patents, issued in 1992, 2005 and 2008, are related to variable-speed turbines that adjust to ensure there is a consistent amount of power being supplied to the electrical grid without damaging the machines and to deal with periods where there is low voltage on the grid, such as during an outage.

The ITC staff, which acts as a third party arguing on behalf of the public, has taken the position that there was no violation of GE’s patent rights. Charneski is scheduled to release his findings on Aug. 7 and the commission has until Dec. 7 to complete its investigation, according to information on the ITC’s Web site. Any order blocking imports would be subject to review by the White House.

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One thought on “General Electric (GE) Tries To Block Mitsubishi Wind Turbines From US Market”

  1. Misubishi imprisioned hundreds of American Veterans and made slaves out of them by transporting them from the Phillipines and other captured Islands in World War II. George Bush had a chance to sign a Document to award Compensatiuon to those slaves who were still alive. He refused to sign that Document. The Veterans were abandoned by the White House. Did Mitsubishi get to Bush first. An Answer is needed in that abusively outrageous matter. This is well detailed in the book “Soldier Slaves” by James W Parkinson with Forenotes by Orrin Hatch, U. S. Senator.
    Mitsubishi should not be given an courtesies in trade. Robert Osborn, American Legion Commander

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