George Soros Hops On The Alternative Energy Bandwagon.. To Invest More Than $1Billion

George Soros says the science of global warming is clear and that political differences need to be squashed to solve the problem right now.  Well, the science isn’t all that clear Mr Soros, but kudos to you for putting your money where your mouth is.  He plans to invest as much as $1 billion in alternative energy technologies and form a climate policy division called the Climate Policy Initiative which will invest an additional $10 million a year for the next decade in “investments that make a real contribution to solving the problem of climate change.”

One thought on “George Soros Hops On The Alternative Energy Bandwagon.. To Invest More Than $1Billion”

  1. Mr Soros would accomplish his goal better promoting the following silver bullet emerging energy technology:

    Check out above link to a youtube video of a CNN report. What are the odds that the independent testimony below is fraudulent? Here is a silver bullet technology: clean cheap and abundant energy.

    “In a joint statement, Dr. K.V. Ramanujachary, Rowan University Meritorious Professor of Chemistry and
    Biochemistry, Dr. Amos Mugweru, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, and Dr. Peter Jansson P.E., Associate Professor of Engineering said, “In independent tests conducted over the past three months involving 10 solid fuels made by us from commercially-available chemicals, our team of engineering and chemistry professors, staff, and students at Rowan University has independently and consistently generated energy in excesses ranging from 1.2 times to 6.5 times the maximum theoretical heat available through known chemical reactions.”

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