Google Announces Clean Energy Partnership with GE (GOOG; GE)


Google announced yesterday that the company is partnering with GE to make clean energy solutions available for consumers. Through this partnership, Google and GE will try to improve the existing electric infrastructure, focusing on creating a "smart grid" through upgrading power generation, distribution and transmission. The companies will also collaborate on advanced energy technologies, including charging for plug-in cars and geothermal.

According to the fact sheet about the partnership released by Google, GE and Google are working together because:

Both companies believe that our economic,
environmental and security challenges
require that we use electricity more efficiently,
generate it from cleaner sources, and electrify
our transportation fleet. This 21st century
electricity system must combine advanced
energy technology — a major GE focus — and
cutting edge information technology — a major
Google focus. We believe that by combining our
efforts — along with other relevant businesses
and industries — we can advance critical policy
change in Washington and develop new
technologies and services for consumers.

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