Itron (ITRI) Partners With OpenPeak

Itron just announced a partnership with OpenPeak that will give consumers  a greater ability to control the amount of energy used in their home. The partnership will allow Itron to combine its advanced metering systems with Open Peak’s Home Energy Management Solution.By combining these two technologies, customers can view their energy usage and associated pricing info (provided by Itron) using an easy-to-use, touch-screen interface (provided by Open Peak).

In a press release, Philip Mezey, Itron North America senior vice president and chief operating officer, commented on the arrangement:

“Itron’s advanced meters, installed in homes, have the power to unleash a tremendous amount of valuable data about the fluctuating price of electricity, or the rate of natural gas consumption. OpenPeak’s Home Energy Management Solution organizes and presents this data on an extremely engaging touch screen device, empowering consumers to monitor and modify their energy consumption.”

“For our utility customers, Itron’s collaboration with OpenPeak means better management of the power grid, eliminating the need to build out expensive power generating systems.”

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