Itron (ITRI) & Tendril Partner on Smart Grid Expansion

Two leading players in the smart grid industry, Tendril and Itron (ITRI) have announced a partnership that will extend the reach of the Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem (TREE) and provide seamless integratoin over Intron’s OpenWay.  Tendril will tap into Itron’s experienced sales force which will resell the TREE energy management system to utilities and energy retailers nationwide. 

“Smart metering deployments continue to advance in size and scope,” said Russ Vanos, vice president of marketing, Itron. “As these AMI rollouts move forward, solutions such as the TREE underscore the value of dynamic demand response technology that fully leverages the power of two-way communication.”

Tendril enables true 21st century energy efficiency by establishing a dialog between consumers and their energy providers. The Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem (TREE) is comprised of an open, extensible and standards-based platform for energy management, a comprehensive suite of energy management applications (like Demand Response and Time-of-Use Pricing) and a suite of in-home hardware devices (like thermostats and outlets). TREE is a comprehensive and consumer-centric solution that is designed to integrate seamlessly with a Utility’s or Energy Retailers’ existing back office applications and network infrastructure allowing consumers and their energy companies to communicate, collaborate and create — Smart Energy for Life(TM).

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