Molycorp (MCP) Launches Rare Earth Based Water Purification Technology

water purification Molycorp (MCP) is known as the emerging US based rare earth metals miner and the stock has soared in anticipation of successful mining of these important metals in the coming years.  However, the company has some other revenue streams in the works.  The company on Friday announced that its rare earth metals based water purification technology was available for commercial use. 

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Mark Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Molycorp, added: "The commercialization of XSORBX(TM) is an important milestone for Molycorp. It has enormous potential to help meet the unique drinking water challenges faced by the U.S. Armed Forces as well as nations that face challenges with delivering potable water on a daily basis. These are exciting areas of growth for our product."

Shares of MCP continue to surge with heavy volume and aren’t showing any signs of weakening yet, but I wouldn’t touch it up here.  In my opinion there is a good chance of touching the $30 level, but this stock is in great need of some kind of digestion period.

One thought on “Molycorp (MCP) Launches Rare Earth Based Water Purification Technology”

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