New Solar Installation by FPL (FPL) And Sunpower (SPWRA) Opens On Florida’s Space Coast

FPL just announced that its new FPL’s Space Coast Next Generation Solar Energy Center has opened at Kennedy Space Center. The 10 MW facility consists of about 35,000 SunPower solar PV panels. SunPower designed and built the installation for FPL and NASA, who worked as partners on the project. Over the life of the panels, the center is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 227,000 tons.

In a press release, FPL President and CEO Armando J. Olivera commented on the news:

“Like NASA, FPL is looking beyond the horizon. FPL’s Space Coast Next Generation Solar Energy Center is an important part of our state’s clean-energy future, but large-scale solar projects like this one also have a very positive impact on the economy today. Projects like this and our Next Generation Solar Energy Centers in Martin and DeSoto Counties give Florida the opportunity to create and attract clean-energy jobs and produce millions of dollars in new revenue for local governments while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting the effects of climate change at the same time.”

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