Nuclear/Uranium Section Discontinued

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05:23:55 pm on January 9, 2010

It’s a common question.. should Nuclear/Uranium be considered green?  In some regards yes.  In some regards no.  It could certainly be argued that it’s a green source of energy in that nuclear energy doesn’t emit the kind of pollutants that a coal fired plant would, but the resulting nuclear waste is anything but green and a growing problem.  At any rate, I’ve decided to discontinue the Nuclear/Uranium section and coverage of the stocks in this sector to better focus on solar, wind, electric cars, the smart grid, green building and recycling. 

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Congrats, bravo on the correct decision. Had in fact thought to request exactly that less than one month ago.
This is a major improvement to this website. Top rated.


being a former Nuke Engineer for 20 years , U can reprocess the uranium (FRANCE) if U run a socialized government run program…….the USA is a bunch of idiots in Nuclear, but if U were to run the program like France, it works and its green!


wow wind4me! I’m proud of you.. how did you resist the temptation to bring the comment back to APWR? 🙂
I agree nuclear has to be a part of the solution and the US has completely dropped the ball in getting new plants up. I read an interesting article on thorium in wired magazine a few weeks ago which shows a lot of promise but probably decades away.. being a nuke engineer, any thoughts on this?


Actually France does have issues with their nuclear system. It’s just that they send thousands of tons of nuclear waste to other countries. Like Russia, for instance. And don’t forget the water issues. Get yourself some good droughts near the nuclear power plants, and you have a real problem. Not saying nuclear doesn’t have its benefits. But solar, wind, geothermal, etc. combined make a lot more sense.

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