NV Energy to Continue Partnership With Comverge (COMV)

NV Energy just announced that it has extended its partnership with Comverge. Under the agreement, Comverge will keep managing NV Energy’s 143 MW smart grid ready demand response program, which is currently the biggest in the country.  Comverge will also add an additional 12 MW of capacity to the program. Comverge will also provide NV Energy with SuperStat(R) programmable communicating thermostats and will continue to explore additional demand response technologies to ensure that NV Energy”s program remains up to date.

In a press release,  R. Blake Young, president and CEO, Comverge, commented on the news:

“NV Energy has long been a leader in alternative energy and this extended agreement is another example of their continuing commitment to deliver impactful energy solutions to their customers. Having partnered with NV Energy to become pioneers in offering two-way communicating demand response programs, we are excited to continue our support of this program as they move to the next level of sophistication with their ASD roll-out. The continued growth of this program demonstrates to the rest of the industry the power of demand response and how our proven, comprehensive and smart grid ready solutions can support utilities in advancing the smart grid.”

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