Proof Golden Tate Catch Vs Green Bay A TD

OK, so this is a stocks blog and not exactly the place for a football post but I felt as a Seahawks fan I had to do my part to help get out the truth about Golden Tate’s winning catch (or partial catch) vs the Green Bay Packers.. .  even if people are getting tired of hearing about as am I.

I would like to point out that (as a Hawks fan) I’m not biased to the point of blindness and felt just like ESPN and many others that it was a great injustice to the Pack when the catch better known as “Failed Mary” or “Inaccurate Reception” was ruled a TD and not an interception.  However, at the time we were only fed one angle over and over again.

Then images and video emerged from the reverse angle.  I had wondered about those reverse angles because ESPN wasn’t showing where the left arm was.  Now we know.  Tate’s arm was firmly wrapped around the ball at the time both feed touched the ground before Jennings could get both feet to the ground.  Touchdown, game over, good call.

Golden Tate's Winning TD against Green Bay Packers

Sure the way the end of the game was handled turned into a circus.  Sure there were other highly questionable calls particularly the roughing the QB call on Russell Wilson, but these kinds of calls went both ways and as for the shove by Tate ahead of the catch, those are never called.

There are a few other blog posts out there that break it all down in great detail.  You’ll never see this kind of analysis on ESPN.

Even if you’re in the camp that disagrees and believes it was an interception, can you at least admit that it wasn’t the worst call in the history of the NFL and one a real ref could have made as well?  Now imagine trying to make that call in real time.  Let’s also keep in mind both the review up in the booth (by a real ref) AND a review by the league office both upheld the call.  At the time it seemed absurd, but they likely had shots from every angle not the lone shot ESPN was replaying.

Obviously this game deserves a rematch whether it be in the playoffs this year or at Lambeau on Monday Night next year… no replacement refs, no excuses.


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  1. Yeah! I thought it was kinda funny how all the sports channels only showed one camera angle. Now we know why! It really was a legit touchdown! I don’t want to hear any more whining and crying! The best team won.

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