Raser (RZ) Prepares To Deliver Power To Anaheim

Raser Technologies Inc. is preparing to send geothermal power to the city of Anaheim as early as next week. The power will come from Raser’s Thermo plant in Utah. The plant has already  been supplying some power, approximately 3.5 MW, to the city of Anaheim, and next week the company will begin to increase the amount of power that it sends.

Steven Brown, Raser’s executive VP, commented on the news:

“We are very pleased with the progress that we have made to date and believe that commissioning of the plant has gone very much in line with expectations. Once we have the final production well linked to the plant, we expect to be able to ramp up to the 10 to 11 MW net capacity. We expect to be ramped up to about 7 MW and begin sending the power to Anaheim by the end of next week."

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