Sunpower (SPWRA) Completes 1MW Solar System For Yolo County

Sunpower (SPWRA) has finished construction on a 1MW solar system for the Yolo Country Justice Campus in California.  The system will be owned by the Justice Center which financed the project through clean energy subsidized bonds financed by Bank of America as well as a 15 year loan from the Cali Energy Commission.  The project is using the Sunpower Tracker system which tracks the sun’s movement for greater efficiency.

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“This may be the first solar project to make use of the federal stimulus legislation’s clean energy renewable bonds, established last year, and among the first large-scale solar projects to be funded by a California Energy Commission loan. Yolo County is using the federal and state funding to save money, create jobs and produce clean energy for years to come,” said Bill Kelly, managing director at SunPower. “We are thrilled to be supporting the county with the implementation of SunPower’s proven, high performing technology, ensuring impressive savings for years to come.”

Shares of SPWRA are up 2% today and looking increasingly bullish after surging above resistance of the 50 day moving average.  13 is the new major level of support

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