Sunpower (SPWRA) & KB Home (KBH) Team Up To Provide Residential Solar Systems

KB Home (KBH) announced this morning that it’s going to provide residential solar systems as a standard feature using Sunpower (SPWRA) technology in 10 So Co communities.  While KB Home has provided solar systems as an option for several years, it’s the first time it will be included standard for every home.  Depending on the response in these 10 communities, the company is prepared to expand the initiative across the country. 

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"By offering solar power systems as a standard feature on their award-winning homes, KB Home is providing homebuyers a secure, reliable alternative to electricity sourced from non-renewable fossil fuels," said Jim Pape, president of SunPower’s residential and commercial business group. "We are pleased to partner with KB Home as they embark on this exciting initiative to help their homeowners take control of their energy usage and reduce their electricity costs."

Shares of SPWRA aren’t moving up on the news today and down a few percent, but remain technically bullish on the daily chart.

2 thoughts on “Sunpower (SPWRA) & KB Home (KBH) Team Up To Provide Residential Solar Systems”

  1. KB Home a Solar Installer? They must be joking! The lack of response by an entire Board of Directors at KB Home for over 2 years? They take your money and build you a Lemon, then don’t want to fix it correctly because there are so many defects it can’t be fixed. My HAVC system was wired up completely wrong? After it blew up 4 consecutive years in the height of summer heat, it was discovered the wrong size transformers used causing electrical bill to be 900% higher.

  2. KB Home couldn’t even repair our home properly so I’m not sure I’d trust them to go solar and be able to properly support it. KB Home also shorted us on attic insulation and I’ve heard they’ve done this to others. Maybe the solar will help compensate for the wasted energy for the lack of properly insulating so many homes.

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