SunPower (SPWRA) Unveils First-Ever Utility-Scale Modular Solar Power Plant Solution

SunPower has just unveiled a new product, the SunPower Oasis™ Power Plant, a modular solar power block that can scale from 1-megawatt installations to large central station power plants. The power blocks are shipped preassembled for quick and easy installation and were designed with future grid interconnection needs in mind. This is the first product of its type ever released, and SunPower believes it will help utilities deploy new utility-scale solar projects more quickly and more cheaply.

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In a press release,  Howard Wenger, president, utility and power plants business group for SunPower Corp, commented on the new product:

“SunPower Oasis is a ground-breaking, utility-scale solar solution that optimizes energy production, installation speed, material cost, and long-term reliability. As our customers continue to build larger, more sophisticated solar power plants, it is critical that we offer them a seamlessly integrated solution.  SunPower Oasis streamlines the entire power plant development process, from permitting through construction and financing.”

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