Suntech Power (STP) To Supply Nearly 30MW In Solar Modules For California Plant

Suntech Power (STP) announced a 28MW solar module supply deal today with SunPeak Solar for a 23MW plant in California across 123 acres.  About 100K units of Suntech’s 285/290W (DC) solar modules will be used in the project which is expected to help power 14000 homes in the area particularly during times of peak demand.

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"We’re excited to support SunPeak Solar in helping IID meet its RPS goals and satisfy growing peak power demands," saidMick McDaniel, Vice President of the Utility Sales Division for Suntech America. "This well-designed project demonstrates how solar power can efficiently complement existing grid assets, while maximizing value for grid operators and off-takers. Solar electricity serves as an effective hedge against volatile fuel prices and can significantly reduce the aggregate costs of electricity generation."

Shares of STP are off a bit today following a nice higher volume up move yesterday following a poor earnings report as well as a few downgrades.  Perhaps this is yet another sign that the worst is over for solar stocks.

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