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Google (GOOG) Invests In Offshore Wind Farm Transmission Backbone

Google (GOOG) announced on their official blog last night that they are investing in the development of a major transmission backbone for wind farms off the Mid Atlantic coast which will stretch 350 miles from NJ to Virginia and have the capacity to connect 6000MW in offshore wind energy.. enough to serve nearly 2 million homes.

The Mid-Atlantic region is well suited to offshore wind energy with 60,000 MW of potential in relatively shallow waters … Read the rest

MarketWatch Alternative Energy Special Report – Wind Energy

There are some good reports over at CBS Marketwatch on alternative energies, such as a report about the nations first offshore wind farm, a look at one homeowner who has installed a 45 ft wind turbine in her backyard as well as a few reports on the US power grid.  A future report takes a look at the recent extension of tax credits for renewable energies as part of the recent package and a … Read the rest